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Infinix Hot 30, Introducing a budget-friendly smartphone equipped with 5G support and boasting a massive 6,000mAh battery. The question remains: Can it effectively differentiate itself amidst the competition from recently launched devices like the Redmi 12 5G and Poco M6 Pro within the same price range? Delve into this article to uncover the details.

The advent of 5G has ignited intense competition within the budget smartphone sector. Nevertheless, it’s my observation that many phones within this category tend to compromise on aspects like build quality and performance. Over the past couple of weeks, I had the opportunity to use the Infinix Hot 30, a 5G smartphone equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 6020 chipset. This phone falls within the budget range, but the question remains: Does the Infinix Hot 30 sacrifice performance, or does it manage to maintain its standards? Let’s delve into it and uncover the answers.

Infinix Hot 30 Quality and Design

The Infinix Hot 30 boasts a substantial build. I opted for the ‘Aurora Blue’ model, featuring a glossy plastic rear. The phone’s hue shifts across a spectrum of green, yellow, orange, and blue hues as light dances upon it. The camera module stands out prominently, flaunting a shimmering appearance that contributes to its overall visual appeal.

Infinix Hot 30, Introducing a budget-friendly smartphone equipped with 5G support and boasting a massive 6,000mAh battery.
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In comparison to other phones within its price range that sport a glass back, the Infinix Hot 30 exhibits a slightly weightier feel in the hand due to its plastic back, yet it provides a solid grip. I used the phone without a cover and never once felt it was at risk of slipping from my grasp.

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The phone’s frame is also polished and constructed from plastic. Like most phones, you’ll find the volume buttons on the right side, with the power button positioned just below. A noteworthy aspect is the integration of the fingerprint scanner within the power button itself. Its responsiveness is impressive, unlocking the phone in less than a second. Additionally, it offers the convenience of a dedicated microSD card slot, a feature not commonly found on recent devices. An intriguing highlight of the device is its inclusion of stereo speakers, a rarity among budget-friendly options.

Infinix Hot 30 Display

To offset the cost of 5G modems, Infinix seems to have chosen an LCD display for the Hot 30. The device boasts an expansive 6.78-inch 120Hz FullHD+ screen. Unlike some phones with oversaturated colors, this display offers a pleasing visual experience for gaming and movie watching, lasting hours without strain. An upgrade over the norm, the Infinix Hot 30 integrates a punch-hole camera, a favorable addition.

However, a concern arises with the brightness. Even at maximum brightness outdoors, legibility of text remains a challenge – a trait often associated with phones below the Rs 15,000 price point. This limitation isn’t unique to this model, as other phones in the same price range share similar issues. These nuances are an accepted trade-off when seeking a budget 5G phone.

Additionally, the device arrives with a pre-installed screen protector, a thoughtful touch. Yet, it tends to accumulate scratches rather easily, especially when nestled in pockets or bags. Thankfully, it’s a removable shield, allowing the option to switch to a higher-quality screen guard.

Infinix Hot 30 gaming

Infinix Hot 30 runs on the MediaTek Dimensity 6020 chipset, a slightly refined variant of the Dimensity 810 found in devices like the Realme 9i 5G, Poco M4 Pro, and Redmi Note 11T. Realme GT Neo 5

Although running games such as Genshin Impact, Garena Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile, and BGMI at the highest settings isn’t feasible, the phone exhibits strong performance. Most games can be comfortably played at medium settings without encountering frame drops. In my testing, I engaged with BGMI for two hours, maintaining stability at ‘HD’ graphics and ‘Ultra’ frame rate (40fps). Similar performance was observed with Call of Duty Mobile. While the phone does warm up over time, it doesn’t experience significant overheating even during extended gaming sessions. MediaTek appears to have effectively managed thermal concerns.

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Infinix Hot 30 5G Multitasking and user interface

The Infinix Hot 30 is powered by XOS 13.1, which is built on the foundation of Android 13, right from the moment you unbox it. The user interface draws inspiration from both MIUI and iOS, which actually works quite well. When you swipe down from the notification bar’s right side, you get access to the quick settings. This area allows you to conveniently tweak various settings including brightness, volume, and a host of other options. Conversely, a swipe down from the left side reveals the notification panel.

The phone also ships with several pre-installed applications that are non-removable and can be rather bothersome to handle. Among these are AHA Games, Beez, and YoParty, just to mention a few. On a brighter note, XOS 13.1 incorporates several practical attributes that are neatly organized under the ‘Special Functions’ section within the ‘Settings’ application.

Some of these functionalities encompass the capacity to peruse WhatsApp messages without triggering the notorious blue checkmark, the ability to stream videos from YouTube in the background, and the presence of a dedicated smart panel and game mode.

Another noteworthy aspect of the phone is its incorporation of 8GB RAM, contributing to seamless multitasking. Furthermore, in comparison to other devices within the same price range, the Infinix Hot 30 boasts an impressive 128GB of internal storage. This ample storage eliminates the necessity of depending on an SD card for storing photos and videos.

A surprising inclusion is the support for NFC in the Infinix Hot 30, allowing users to engage in contactless payments. Although NFC might not be currently operational, considering recent announcements by the RBI, this feature could potentially become active soon. Such an addition is likely to position the Infinix Hot 30 as a prominent contender among budget-friendly 5G devices equipped with NFC capabilities.

Infinix Hot 30 camera?

On its specifications sheet, the Infinix Hot 30 boasts a 50MP camera alongside an additional sensor. As with the majority of smartphones, the primary sensor bears the brunt of the photography duties. In daylight conditions, the phone captures commendable photographs, a trait shared by other devices within its price range.

The resultant images exhibit remarkable sharpness and intricate detailing, albeit often accompanied by an excessive saturation of colors. This aspect tends to be subjective, given that numerous individuals lean towards vibrant and oversaturated visuals as opposed to more natural tones. When engaging the full 50MP resolution mode, there’s a perceptible shift towards more natural color reproduction, leading me to believe that Infinix could potentially address this through a software update.

Infinix Hot 30 5G 6000mAh battery

Infinix Hot 30, Introducing a budget-friendly smartphone equipped with 5G support and boasting a massive 6,000mAh battery.
image source google

For individuals like myself who extensively utilize their smartphones for tasks such as prolonged internet browsing, video streaming, and on-the-go music listening, devices equipped with a 5,000mAh battery often fall short. This is where the Infinix Hot 30 truly stands out. Throughout my comprehensive two-week trial, the battery consistently proved its mettle, never depleting even during periods of 5G usage.

Should you buy the Infinix Hot 30?

The Infinix Hot 30 ensures consistent and smooth performance, even during the navigation across various apps, without any noticeable lags. This performance prowess, coupled with its capacious 6,000mAh battery, translates to a worry-free usage experience without the need for midday charging. The single deterrent to consider when contemplating the purchase of this phone is the manufacturer’s approach to software updates.

Regrettably, the company’s policy typically involves providing only one major OS update for their smartphones. This is quite disappointing, especially given that many other brands extend support for Android updates over a span of at least two years.

If you’re willing to overlook potential issues with sunlight visibility, can make peace with the software update situation, and are in pursuit of a dependable budget 5G device, then the Infinix Hot 30 stands out as a straightforward recommendation. It offers superior performance and battery life when compared to recently released models like the Redmi 12 5G, Poco M6 Pro, and similar options.

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