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What is Artiificial IntelligenceAI

About Merlin AI

Generative AI has made a significant impact in the field of Martech.

Recently, we’ve witnessed the introduction of numerous NLP and Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT, Claude, PaLM 2, Falcon, LLaMa, and others. This has led to a surge in the adoption of Generative AI over the past few months.

We are thrilled to share that we’ve seamlessly integrated the benefits of Generative AI into the realm of Customer Engagement through the launch of our latest product, Merlin AI.

Merlin AI stands apart from typical Generative AI platforms by continually adapting to your past campaign results. It comprehends context, considering both the positive and negative impacts of specific keywords to help you construct high-ROI campaigns.

What sets Merlin AI apart even further is its seamless integration with MoEngage’s campaign builder. You won’t need to switch between the Generative AI engine and your campaign creation screen, eliminating unnecessary disruption to your workflow.

Discover the ways in which Merlin AI can elevate your customer engagement strategies below! 👇

What Makes Merlin AI the Best in the Business?

Merlin AI offers the advantage of automating content creation, streamlining your workload and enhancing efficiency.

Generative AI models have the capability to generate various content types, including campaign copies, campaign assets, product descriptions, and much more.

Merlin AI provides the means to maintain a consistent flow of creative and uniform content.

As Halloween draws near, let’s consider your desire to create a Push Notification campaign tailored to your Gen Z audience, announcing an upcoming sale.

The original push notification:

“Announcing our Halloween Sale! Shop now for exclusive deals.”

A revised and enhanced push notification using Merlin AI:

🎃 Spooktacular Halloween Savings Await! 🎃
Trick or Treat Yourself with Our Fang-tastic Deals! 🧛‍♂️🍭

Explore our Boo-tiful Collection now for Spine-tingling Discounts on Spooktacular Styles! Hurry, before the Witching Hour Strikes! 🌙🕸️

Unleash the Shopaholic in You! 🛍️👻

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HalloweenSale #WitchingHourDeals #ShopTillYouDrop

What Coming Merlin AI?

Marketers often find themselves juggling multiple responsibilities, striving to engage customers effectively, boost conversions, and provide seamless experiences. The demands are high: innovating campaigns, crafting personalized content, designing captivating visuals, and conducting experiments to optimize strategies in pursuit of brand goals.

This multifaceted role can become a taxing and time-consuming endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

What is Artiificial IntelligenceAI

Merlin AI has been developed to assist marketers like you in launching innovative campaigns swiftly, experimenting with agility, and enhancing the return on investment for your customer engagement endeavors.

With Merlin AI, our mission is to empower you to create compelling and impactful campaigns, all while reducing the time spent on tasks such as generating creative content, identifying target segments, brainstorming campaigns, and collecting actionable insights.

1. Merlin AI for Creatives

Merlin AI for Creative Generation empowers marketers to effortlessly produce numerous creative variations for A/B testing, providing a wide array of creative options for experimentation within minutes.

Merlin AI streamlines the creative process, resulting in significant time and resource savings while generating multiple versions. Leveraging its deep understanding of your audience segments, Merlin AI crafts tailored creatives to enhance your Customer Engagement campaigns.

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2. Merlin AI for Segmentation

Marketers often find themselves dedicating a significant amount of time and effort to fine-tuning their campaign creatives. This leaves them with limited resources to devote to the more intricate task of crafting customer segments.

Moreover, the customer segments that marketers intend to target in their communication often encounter challenges when translating into segments within their Customer Engagement platform. This is primarily due to the complexities involved in managing user attributes, events, event attributes, or applying multiple filters.

Merlin AI for Segment Creation simplifies and expedites this process for marketers. With this tool, you

3. Merlin AI for Campaign Creation

Marketers are continually challenged with the task of devising fresh and captivating campaign ideas that truly connect with their target audience.

Merlin AI for Campaign Ideation serves as a valuable tool for marketers, aiding them in the creative process of brainstorming and developing innovative campaign concepts.

By inputting specific campaign parameters, objectives, and audience details, Merlin AI has the capability to swiftly generate comprehensive campaigns and customer journeys. This includes crafting relevant copy, producing creative assets, and generating visuals that are tailor-made to engage customers in novel and enticing ways.

4. Merlin AI for Conversational Insights

Gaining valuable insights into campaign performance and its enduring impact on vital North Star metrics, such as revenue, customer lifetime value (LTV), engagement, churn, and retention, is of utmost importance to marketers.

Nevertheless, acquiring these insights often proves to be time-consuming and may necessitate the collaboration of marketing teams with other departments like Product or Data teams.

Merlin AI for Conversational Insights simplifies the process of obtaining insights. It swiftly provides campaign insights and performance data on a large scale. With Merlin AI, you can either pose questions about campaign performance or request it to generate comprehensive reports and trends concerning how your customers respond to your campaigns.


Merlin AI is the next step in the Customer Engagement and Marketing Automation ladder. It enables marketers to:

“Merlin AI – Elevate Your Marketing Campaigns

  1. Automated Content Creation: MoEngage’s cutting-edge Generative AI engine simplifies content creation for push notifications, emails, and SMS campaigns. It tailors copies to your campaign’s specific type, use case, and audience segment, dramatically reducing manual efforts and saving valuable time.
  2. Maximize ROI: Merlin AI optimizes your engagement strategies by leveraging historical campaign data. It identifies high-impact keywords and combines them with your campaign goals and context to generate copies and creatives. This ensures that your assets are not just data-backed but also highly relevant, leading to improved campaign performance and higher ROI.
  3. Scale Experiments: Experimentation is key to success in digital marketing. Merlin AI allows you to effortlessly generate multiple variations of copies and creatives for your campaigns. This enables you to quickly set up A/B or multivariate tests, helping you fine-tune your strategies for maximum effectiveness.
  4. Data Security: Protect your valuable data. Merlin AI empowers marketers to create content without relying on external Generative AI tools. You no longer need to risk sharing proprietary or sensitive information with third-party platforms, such as historical campaign data or audience segments. Your data remains safe and secure within your organization.

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