Google Launches Teen-Friendly Generative AI Search: Unleashing the Potential of Smart Exploration

Google Introduces Generative AI Search for Teens Google is rolling out its generative AI search experience, known as SGE (Search Generative Experience), to teenagers in the United States. This move is aimed at providing young users aged 13 to 17 with the benefits of generative AI capabilities. Starting this week, Continue Reading

AI Chatbots Opening the Future in 2023-24

AI Chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversation through voice commands or text chats or both. Welcome to the age of AI Chat Open Assistant Chatbots, a game-changing technology reshaping digital interactions for businesses and individuals. This article delves into their potential and applications, showcasing their diverse benefits across Continue Reading

Why Artificial Intelligence is trending today and The future AI

In the present day, artificial intelligence (AI) stands as an immensely popular and compelling subject, extensively discussed across various sectors, including business circles. Many scientists, researchers, and analysts assert that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning hold the key to the future. While there are concerns about developing AI to a Continue Reading

What is AI?, How AI Works?, What AI can do?, Future of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently the trendiest buzzword, with nearly every major company incorporating AI features into its products or services. However, despite its widespread use, the term lacks a straightforward and clear definition. What researchers might consider a minor improvement in machine learning, the marketing department may portray as Continue Reading

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