Why Artificial Intelligence is trending today and The future AI

In the present day, artificial intelligence (AI) stands as an immensely popular and compelling subject, extensively discussed across various sectors, including business circles. Many scientists, researchers, and analysts assert that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning hold the key to the future. While there are concerns about developing AI to a level akin to human intelligence being potentially risky, it’s important to note that machines are created and developed by humans. In essence, humans remain the creators, and machines, in their intricate designs, still necessitate human intervention for maintenance and repair. The existence of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning relies on the continued involvement of humans. The expansive scope of technology ensures that AI is closely intertwined with our lives, evident in our interactions with virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Why Artificial Intelligence is trending today and The future AI
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Technology, in its nascent stages, sees numerous companies investing significant resources and capital in Artificial Intelligence, aiming to cultivate a multitude of products and applications in the years to come. The prevalence of AI in the market has led to progressive shifts, such as the announcement of an M.Tech program in Data Science by IIT Guwahati, encompassing AI and ML. This trend signifies a broader trend of growing interest in AI and a deeper commitment to learning and understanding this domain. Notably, the analytics field, particularly in the Indian financial services sector, is witnessing a surge in demand for skilled professionals. A recent study highlights a total of 97,000 job openings in analytics and data science, with 96% being full-time positions and 4% being part-time roles.

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Prominent virtual assistants like Siri have garnered widespread popularity, serving as reliable companions for various tasks. Siri’s capabilities extend from providing directions and information to sending messages, all upon a single voice command. It’s worth noting that 15% of Apple users are currently utilizing Siri’s voice recognition features. Another instance is Amazon’s Echo, a product that has evolved with time by incorporating new features and functionalities, enhancing users’ search, control, and music playback experiences. What is ChatGPT: How to Use Chat GPT AI: Simple Guide for Beginners

Artificial intelligence’s rise to prominence stems from its capacity to attract attention, enhance customer interactions, and leave a discernible impact on human lives. We engage with AI daily, often unconsciously, as virtual assistants and AI-driven services like Siri, Google, and Alexa integrate into our routines. The realm of AI expands to domains like automobiles, video games, e-commerce platforms, and beyond. As the years progress, AI is poised to trigger a monumental revolution, reshaping perspectives and transforming various aspects of society. Its rapid development is undeniable, offering assistance, streamlining processes, and making daily life more convenient.

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